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ezFeedback - A Powerful Survey Platform

Transform All Feedback into Actionable Insights

Professional Survey Creation, Smart Logic Definition for seamless survey workflow, and Multi-channels support to know what people need and gain their trust

Complete surveys effortlessly in minutes!

Simplify the process of building complex surveys with a system optimized for a seamless user experience.

Fast & Easy Survey Building

Offer a streamlined interface for constructing questions with optimized speed and smooth user experience

Seamless Logical Definition

Effortlessly build professional surveys with a tightly integrated, logic-driven workflow platform

Safety & Security

Ensure system stability and security through daily data backups and top-tier security standards

Dedicated Support Team

Provide quick customer support for inquiries, requests, and valuable information

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Attain your goals using our comprehensive survey suite

At every stage of survey creation, we strive to optimize our features, ensuring they are user-friendly for quick survey completion

Survey Builder

Easily build any types of surveys using intuitive tools, set up any questions based on your business requirement

Diverse question types

Drag & drop

Industry-leading template store

Logic definition

Campaign Management

Create customer feedback campaigns quickly with business-targeted audiences

Campaign status

Multiple recipients

Multi-channel Distribution

Ensure surveys are always sent to the channels where the business's customers are present


Email invitation

Social channels

QR code

Real-time Data Analytics

Instantly collect and automatically filter responses based on questions to gain insights and create plans

Multiple diagram views

(Customized) reports

Export results

A single tool that scales business operations

ezFeedback is versatile, facilitating easy creation, sharing, and gathering of feedback across diverse scenarios for valuable insights from customers and employees.

Employee Feedback

Customer Feedback



Brand Research

360 Assessment

360° Assessment

Implementing a comprehensive survey review system enables businesses to understand employees' capabilities and foster employee career growth

employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Gain insight into factors that drive employee motivation and engagement to enhance satisfaction, performance, and retention for businesses

onboarding new hire

Onboarding New Hire

Gain insight into employees' needs during their initial days to implement enhancements that facilitate their quick adoption into the work environment

Employee Feedback
icon - CSAT

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Understand customer experience through quality assessment questions and ranking product/service aspects.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Manage customer relationships and measure loyalty with quality ranking questions and willingness-to-recommend (referrals) assessments.


Customer Effort Score (CES)

Assess and grasp your customer effort score (CES) to tackle challenges, enhance loyalty, and stimulate revenue expansion.

Use Case - Customer Feedback
Early access feedback

Early access feedback

Leverage feedback from a meticulously selected cohort of early adopters to fine-tune and enhance the product, ensuring its readiness for a successful market launch.

Product Satisfaction

Product Satisfaction

Learn about users' perceptions of a product, understand reasons for using it, and identify their objectives, enabling businesses to better fulfill their needs.

Features Prioritizing

Features Prioritizing

Determine the optimal features for product development by employing survey methodology and advanced data analytics, which filter clean, actionable, and dependable data.

Use Case - Product
Event Planning

Event Planning

Understanding the attendees' willingness to participate and their expectations from the event for preparing headcount, menu preparation, speakers, and event presentations.

Live engagement

Live Engagement

Foster ongoing interaction with event attendees throughout the event, swiftly collect, analyze, and receive results to engage with them in real time.

event feedback

Event Feedback

Measure attendee satisfaction and learn how to improve from all feedback with event feedback surveys.

Brand Testing

Brand Testing

Evaluate business logos, names, brand colors, and marketing campaigns with customer feedback to determine the most effective ones.

Brand Health Measurement

Brand Health Measurement

Monitor brand awareness, define usage occasions and customer segments of usage, and performance to optimize marketing ROI and stay ahead of evolving market trends with strategic marketing plans.

Brand research

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